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April 2006
Darkness Is My Only Companion

A Christian Response to Mental Illness
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Darkness is my only companion. The words of the psalmist rang hauntingly true for Kathryn Greene-McCreight when she was in the depths of her mental illness. It’s a darkness that she says shuts off the windows to the soul, making God feel remote.

In Darkness Is My Only Companion, Greene-McCreight confronts the difficult questions raised by her own mental illness, bipolar disorder. Does God send this suffering? Why, if I am a Christian, can I not rejoice? What is happening to my soul?

Greene-McCreight concludes that God does not will mental illness or any other suffering on his people. We suffer because of evil, but still she sees God work grace out of suffering.

With brutal honesty, she tackles often avoided topics such as suicide, mental hospitals, and shock therapy. She also shares her perspective on Christian versus secular therapists. Greene-McCreight offers the reader everything from poignant and raw glimpses into the mind of a mentally ill person to practical and forthright advice for their friends, family, and clergy.

As a theologian, Episcopal priest, and mother, Greene-McCreight’s voice will be a comfort to those who suffer from mental illness and an invaluable resource for those who love and support them.

This book is a real gem. While brutally honest about the darkest experiences a human can suffer, it is nonetheless both hopeful and encouraging for anyone who either suffers from a serious mental illness or seeks to help someone who does. I heartily recommend it and expect it will have a long and fruitful life as a book for all of us who seek to discern where God is in the midst of darkness.–David G. Benner, author of Care of Souls, Strategic Pastoral Counseling, and The Gift of Being Yourself

This is a must-read for any Christian suffering from mental illness, or for a family member, minister, or health professional caring for a disturbed Christian. It provides a roadmap through the strange land of mental illness that afflicts so many devout Christians and is the first book to develop a coherent and practical theology of mental illness. It is easy to read, deeply moving, compassionate, authentic, practical, profound, and uplifting. It is an extended prayer.–Jeffrey H. Boyd, author of Being Sick Well

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