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November 2003
God's Pattern

Shaping our Worship, Ministry and Life
David Stancliffe - Bishop of Salisbury
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First God enters your life, then he changes it. David Stancliffe, Bishop of Salisbury, is a man of action. He believes in going out and meeting ordinary people on their home ground and engaging with them directly. These encounters have convinced him that a life of faith and worship, lived according to God’s pattern, has to be a life of risk and relationship, not of neat, linear rules. ‘Jesus offers an invitation, not a system. We are not won by logic: we make for what is attractive, what draws us, for a relationship that promises reciprocity.’ He draws from the story of Emmaus a four-fold pattern – engaging, attending, transforming and energizing – and shows its traces everywhere, through life, worship, discipleship, relationships, prayer and work. From the Foreword by Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury: ‘This enormously readable and attractive book offers new perspectives on all sorts of things, from the importance of singing to the theology of ordained ministry [W]e are introduced into a wonderfully large and abundant world. Here is Christian faith and practice presented not as a scheme or rule to follow but as, simply, life in the new creation.’

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