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November 1996
Jesus and the Victory of God

Christian Origins and the Question of God: Volume 2
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N. T. Wright offers a penetrating assessment of the major scholarly contributions to the current ‘quest’ for the historical Jesus. He then sets out in fascinating detail his own compelling account of how Jesus himself understood his mission: how he believed himself called to remake Israel, the people of God, around himself; how he announced God’s judgement on the Israel of his day, especially its Temple and hierarchy; and how he saw his own movement as the divinely ordained fulfilment of Israel’s destiny.

From the reviews of Volume 1 The New Testament and the People of God:

The sweep of Wright’s project as a whole is breathtaking. It is impossible to give a fair assessment of his achievement without sounding grandiose: no New Testament scholar since Bultmann has even attempted – let alone achieved – such an innovative and comprehensive account of New Testament history and theology.Richard B. Hays

Eminently accessible to students, scholars will find it interesting and provocative. It deserves a place of privilege on the bookshelf of any serious student of the New Testament.Jack Dean Kingsbury

It is difficult to know which feature of it is to be admired the most: the immense erudition…the lively examples…the integration of so many different approaches and disciplines…the easy intelligibility of the writing…the lucid ordering of the argument. The Expository Times

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