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August 2012
Lion's World, The

A journey into the heart of Narnia
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The official Lent selection for The Big Read 2013!

Following the appearance of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in 1950, C. S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia have enchanted children and adults alike for over half a century.

In The Lion’s World, Rowan Williams explores the moral landscape of all seven novels in the series, and offers an astute guide to their spiritual subtext. He draws on significant aspects of their author’s life and thought, and on key themes in his other novels, painting a richly textured picture of his aims and achievements. At the same time, Williams gently but firmly rebuts those critics who have charged Lewis with sexism, racial stereotyping and the glorification of violence.

Whether you have read the whole Narnia series or simply enjoyed one of the films, The Lion’s World is a rewarding and ultimately joyful read – one that will send you back to the novels with a deeper sense of their subtle literary artistry, and the powerful spiritual insights they contain.

The Lion’s World is also the 2013 Lent selection for The Big Read! Why not get a copy and access free video content and material for your housegroup? Find out more here.

This book is not available for sale to the USA or Canada, where it is published by OUP.

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