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May 2011
Simply Christian (reissue)

An Introduction to Christianity for the 21st Century
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Not since C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity has there been such a thrilling attempt to re-express the heart of the Christian faith and the transformation it offers to every area of personal and social life.

Simply Christian is essential reading for anyone who wants to consider the real fundamentals of Christianity or is intrigued by its claims about the place of justice, beauty and love in our daily lives.

Written in a lively and accessible style, though rooted in solid scholarship, this book describes the exciting relevance of the Bible and the Christian story for the contemporary world.

It is laid out helpfully in three sections. The first opens with the frustrated longings of humanity for justice, spirituality, relationships and beauty: why are things like this, do they have to be so and can life be lived differently? Tom Wright then sets out the central Christian belief about God and his creation, and explores the biblical analysis of what’s wrong with the world. He explains God’s plan for its renewal, and the central importance of Jesus. In the final section, he explores what it means to follow Jesus, to be energized by the Holy Spirit and to advance God’s plan for our world.

The arguments are sophisticated, and Wright is a brilliant expositor of the BibleThe Times Literary Supplement

Simply Christian goes beyond C.S Lewis’s great classic Mere ChristianitySimply Christian is simply crucial; his writing can transform one’s life.  This will become a classic.Anne Rice

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