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May 2011
Faith of the English, The

Integrating Christ and culture
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What does it mean to be an English Christian? Many Christians are aware of the need to adapt the presentation of the gospel to different cultures (’inculturation’) in their overseas mission activity, but how can the gospel best be presented to those at home? What happens when the principles of inculturation are applied to English culture? This book encourages people to think more deeply about the relationship between faith and culture, and to see how the good news can most effectively be brought to the English.

Unlike a number of other writers I could mention, Rooms gets the distinction right. He also understands that genuine inculturation produces fresh theological insights as the gospel discloses new aspects of its message in dialogue with different cultures. Paul Richardson, The Church of England Newspaper

How Christian are the English? How English is their Christianity? These questions are probed by Nigel Rooms in a book which is both readable and scholarly. If England is a mission field, how is Christian faith to be understood by the English? And how are English Christians to become aware of the links and the tensions between their own culture and their faith? This book is important reading for Christians in search of self-understanding, for all who seek for a renewal of Christian faith in England, and for the many English people who are curious about the part that Christian faith continues to play in the national culture.
John M. Hull, Emeritus Professor of Religious Education, University of Birmingham

A highly original, intriguing, intelligent and in many ways endearingly English book.
Kate Fox, author of Watching the English

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