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November 2012
What Makes Us Moral?

Science, religion and the shaping of the moral landscape A Christian response to Sam Harris
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Is science all we need to make us moral?

In his recent book, The Moral Landscape, Sam Harris presented his vision of a world in which reason and science alone determine our values. Here, a leading Christian ethicist subjects this vision to a rigorous critique, providing general readers with a clear, concise and compelling exposé of the most serious flaws in Harris’s arguments.

In response to the current fashion for a new atheism and its dangerously facile morality, Hovey offers a lively and robust defence—not of religion, as one might expect—but of faith and of how it is that faith makes us moral. Informed by a deep love of truth, this is an admirable and compelling apologetic.
Dr Susan F. Parsons, editor of Studies in Christian Ethics

Craig Hovey’s new book is exceptionally clear and jargon-free. He offers a robust and lively critique of the strident claims of Sam Harris and concludes with a welcome account of how Christian ethics is still relevant to science and to the modern world.
Professor Robin Gill, University of Kent

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